Create Your Ideal College Bedroom

Creating your home away from home can be stressful and if there is one thing any college student does not need, it’s more stress.

There’s only three kinds of college students the overachiever, the lazy one, and the average one. Some students like to put all of their effort into everything, even down to the design of their dorm room. Then there are some students who just don’t have the patience to put together an entire room. Whether you are an overachiever, an average college student, or someone in between, everyone has the ability to easily put together a presentable college bedroom.

Sierra Trott a local residential interior designer came up with a few ways students can make their campus or off campus living space more at home.

Trott said design is important for everyone because of the way it evokes different emotions.

“Decorating is more around the aesthetic and then design is more assessing the needs and function of how things are going to be in a space,” Trott said.

Usually when moving out into a dorm or apartment, space is being downsized from your previous home. Something to keep in mind, especially for students living in dorms, is storage. A smaller space with too many items can cause a stressful semester. Try adding bins or door organizers that make the space as big as possible while also focusing on your needs.

“Five tips when you are decorating and designing your space is to repurpose as much as you can, shop at thrift stores, bring something that reminds you of home, add your own flair to the basics, and pull inspiration from something that you care about,” Trott said.

Zach Baker, a junior at UT, put little effort into his college bedroom but still made it his own using accommodating items from home and a little personality. Baker considers himself more of the lazy one so, he simply brought a chest of drawers from home to make his fraternity house feel more like home.

“Everything I had at home I happened to bring with me,” Baker said.

Baker said he doesn’t quite have a style, instead he used one of Trott’s tips and brought items from home. He brought things to accommodate his everyday needs such as a coffee maker, a shoe organizer, and a couple of mini fridges.

It would not be a fraternity bedroom without his trusty painted cooler, his Tennessee wooden wall art, and his Trump bobble head he added for a bit of humor.

“This cooler I have in front of me, somebody made it for me for formal, which it kind of personifies me,” Baker said.

Baker’s room is an accumulation of hand crafted gifts and comforting items from home. He made designing his room easy and practical, but some students need a little more flair, like Amy Linn’s room.

Linn is a freshman at UT living in an older historical townhouse. Her townhouse initially felt outdated but with a bit of overachieving Linn made her off campus apartment one for the books. As the youngest of three girls Linn received a lot of hand-me-downs, including her furniture. To make her room feel more like home, Linn followed one of Trott’s five tips and completely refurbished her childhood furniture.

“My mom and I took on this project of making my room more me and the things that I wanted,” Linn said.

Linn refurbished her childhood dresser and tallboy entirely using chalk paint and a little sanding. Now, her neutral toned furniture fits her mature personality and adds tranquility to this calm space.

Linn said she was going for a tranquil theme with inspirations of mountains and hiking, a hobby of hers.

“I have pictures I have taken from my favorite hikes and posters from my favorite trails,” Linn said.

Like Linn, Faith Bear is also a freshman at UT living on campus for the first time. Bear used one of the five tips as well and brought a few items from home that also express her hobbies and interests. Bear is the average college student, focussed on her academics, leaving her little time to design her dorm. She brought her dorm room to life with her favorite items from home.

“There’s not much you can bring when you’re in a room this size, so what I brought with me is my comforter because it’s Harry Potter,” Bear said.

Bear said not only does the Harry Potter theme express herself, but the dog hair on her comforter allow her to feel the everyday comforts of home. Sometimes it is the small things like a smell or a feeling that bring you back to home.

“I shared a room with my twin growing up so I couldn’t do much so when I was finally able to have my own room I plastered the walls with posters,” Bear said.

Bear used pictures of her family and post cards from places she and her friends have traveled to add her own personality to the room. Recently, she converted to Catholicism and in doing so she received a lot of religious pictures, crosses, and art that surround her dresser. She even received a beta fish for her confirmation, which she keeps on her desk. Next year Bear plans to create a collage on her wall featuring her friends and family.

Whether you live in a dorm, an apartment, or a fraternity home each space evokes an emotion. For any student living away from home, pull from your style or interests and remember to assess your needs.



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